Jaroslav Kocian chamber orchestra   
Jaroslav Kocian chamber orchestra was founded in 1967. The members are mainly teachers and students of music school, students of secondary schools and universities. Recently, we have become one of the best ensembles in Czech Republic. In proof of that, you can accept the fact, that we have been nominated after selective competition to take a part in European festival in Brno in 1994.

Jaroslav Kocian chamber orchestra co-operates either with professional solo musicians / Kejmar, Pěruška, Matoušek, Ericsson, Hůla, Demeterová and others /, or with the conservatoire students, students of music academies and music schools. We have a lot of activities, more than 320 concerts played, radio and television records, trips to foreign countries. For example to Germany and Netherlands in 1992. It was the famous Stabat Mater from Antonín Dvořák, we co-operated with the Vlastimil choir from Litomyšl and the woodwinds part were students from Pardubice conservatoire, mr. Buhuslav Mimra was the conductor in that time. Second performance of this music peace was in Litomyšl and it was Czech Radio who has made the live record and been the broadcaster as well. In 1996, this composition were repeated again and performed with two choirs ( 100 singers), first choir Vlastimil from Litomyšl and the second one Bendl from Česká Třebová with it´s 55 singers.

From our repertoire we can mention brilliant performance of Vivaldi´s Four Season with Gabriela Demeterová as a soloist, detaily worked out Concerti Grossi from Corelli and Water music Händel,   Divertimento from W. A. Mozart, Vejvanovsky´s trumpet sonatas with Sadílek brothers and sisters or concert in d minor for two violine and orchestra from J.S. Bach with Petra Chadimová and David Mimra as solo players.

Our favourite concert halls in Česká Třebová and Ústí nad Orlicí:
  Fotografie z našich koncertů
Fotografie z našich koncertů
Fotografie z našich koncertů
      Kino Svět v České Třebové                 Kino Svět v České Třebové               Roškotovo divadlo v Ústí nad Orlicí
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